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luch Say' je'

  • tube Magnet

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    tube Magnet

    2. je ≥3000gs magnetic intensity; adopted tcxt Series Tube Magnet 1. chu' Segh, Hap 'u' magnetic pagh HoS nIS. 3. chenmoH case stainless yoDSutlIj naQ je flexible inspection lojmIt. 4. flexible 'ej convenient 'ej rav logh Dan. installation. choghIjtaHghach

  • Cleaner 'och tIq

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    Cleaner 'och tIq

    features: 1. qach'a' output; QaQ Say' 'angbogh Da; consumption HoS 'eS; 2. nap installation; convenient jIpawnIS; 'o'lav ngeD qa'meH jIHDaq; 3. laH wIv jIHDaq ghaH proper qung according to Hap 'u' specialty so as to SIch poQ chev 'angbogh Da; 4. rewbe'mey'e' ngat pa'. choghIjtaHghach

  • granular Cleaner

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    granular Cleaner

    features: 1. QaQ Say' 'angbogh Da jen impurities, efficiency teq 'ej ghaj. efficiency tIn impurities teq veb puS 99 vatlhvI'. naQmoH wanI'mey granules Hap 'u' choSay'moHlaH pagh wej Sev tIn impurities; 2. adopted cantilever SaS jIHDaq cylinder. boqHa''egh jIHDaq cylinder. choghIjtaHghach

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